Monday, May 12, 2008

Planting the Apple and Peach Trees

Here are the 3 trees that arrived in the mail.

Digging in the middle of the night...our neighbors may think we are nuts.

Our "lovely" rock hard clay dirt.

After we ammended the soil with lots of compost, sand and peat moss, we finally planted the trees. The 2 apple trees (Beni Shogun Fuji and Akane) are planted in zone "I" and the Peach tree is in zone "G"
Thank you and Great job Tim!


Anonymous said...

that is not lovely rock hard clay dirt, that's fossilfied bunched up cat dung!!

AJK said...

might as well be! It'd be much more fertile if it was! LOL

Anonymous said...

wired magazine website has a wiki on building a backyard garden: