Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flowers of Late Spring

Pineapple Guava blossoms, the petals are edible, and very tasty
 African Blue Basil. The honey bees go crazy over these blooms
 Mexican Primrose
 Pelargoniums and Alstroemeria. The foreground leaves are Lemongrass. 
Alstroemeria (salmon pink)
 Day lily (these are edible too)
 Elephant Head Amaranth
 Mango only had one flower cluster this year. :(
 Blackberry blossoms, can't wait for juicy berries!

 Not sure what this flower is, but the bees go nuts over it too.
 a bouquet of amaryllis
 Mom's pelargonium collection
 Cosmos, Blue Basil and Purple Orach under the avocado tree
 Fuji's apple blossoms. We trimmed both trees, but Akane is still pouting and hasn't really woken up yet, so let's see if Fuji will set fruit without a partner in bloom
 Fever few
 Cream California Poppies
 The obscure persimmon flower. Our Fuyu perimmon has a lot of flowers this year. We hope we'll have more than last year, (which was 1 fruit!)
 Tiny Thyme flowers
 Reaching for the sky!
Scarlet Runner Bean gifted from a friend,
is already needing more room near the top of the pole!

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