Sunday, March 18, 2012

Homegrown Meals, March 19th, 2012

Mabo-tofu with homegrown tree-collard greens and green onions. There are bell peppers in there as well, but from the farmer's market.
 Hot pot with some homegrown carrots and shungiku
 Natto with kimchi. Homegrown shiso sprouts
 Homegrown Mitsuba, Spinach, Gobo and Daikon along with homegrown lemons in this hotpot.
 Homegrown apples in the pie!
 Freshly squeezed orange juice
Our son helping clean the garlic chives (nira) for dinner
 Here's the dinner, Mabo tofu (with nira) on the left and homegrown bok-choy and carrots with purchased bamboo shoots.

Homegrown mitsuba, shungiku and gobo
 In celebration of "Girl's Day" in Japan, here are some cherry blossoms
 Mom made mochi in dyed in natural dyes. This one is beets and purple orach. The back bowl will be yomogi (green)
 Here is the "hishi mochi" made with the above sweet rice.
 Here are the "girls day" dolls :)

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