Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Harvest Updates, Feb 7, 2012

Sorry for all the delayed post. I haven't solved the problem completely, but for now I am by-passing Picasa and uploading the photos directly to Blogger. It's working for now, until I get the time & courage to tackle the steps 1916home has instructed me!
Currently, we are nearing the end of the broccolis, at the end of mandarin season and have pretty much picked the oranges clean. (Yes, sold many and gave many away!)
 Breakfast oranges
 Madarins(mikan) and Navel Oranges. This batch, we bartered for 16 oz of Local Olive Oil, 16 oz of Organic Papua New Guinea Coffee, 1 packet of Strawberry Spinach seeds, and 12 oz of Local Organic, unheated honey. Not bad, eh?
 These had mealy bug belly buttons, so we washed them clean and gave them to Tim's co-workers
 Romaine and Purple leaf Lettucs
 Broccoli greens and little florets. We had a LOT more, but we just didn't take pictures
 Oranges, our Last Guava and a bit of strawberries
 Carrots gifted by a good friend, we crop swap what we have. Thanks L!
 This is a 6 inch plate with a very large Edible Iceplant leaf. 
We were surprised that the leaf has a salty taste!
 Daikon Radishes
 Green Onions

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