Monday, February 27, 2012

Harvest Updates, Feb 27, 2012

Hi everyone! It's been a while and we've been busy! Here are some harvests we managed to take a pic of. Not everything gets photographed lately, as I juggle homeschooling, gardening and freelance work (sometimes all-nighters!)
Here's some lovely Calendula and Lettuce greens
 Below are some nice sized Spinach greens in a large bowl. (Note: the tile size is 6")
 More lettuces being dried after washing.
 Our very first Haas Avocado!!! Nestled among gifted grapefruits and mandarins from the neighbor.
 More Spinach
 Now this is New Zealand Spinach below.
 Spinach, again...
 and the very last harvest of Mikans for the season. We plan to wash them and freeze them (whole) for a summer treat)
 Bok Choy greens
 A myriad of greens. Upper left, small bowl: Amaranth sprouts, upper left, small bowl, NZ spinach sprouts and 2 strawberries, lower right, small bowl with Shiso sprouts. In between the bowls are green onion sprig, edible iceplant, and Shungiku. The larger collander contains broccoli florets and greens.

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