Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Homegrown Meals

Here we have a veggie sauté with HG Carrots, HG Chayote Greens, HG Peppers and organic ground turkey.

Here it is on a dinner plate with rice

I made Green Bean Casserole with HG Green Beans. Now, you may think, oh that's easy cookin' just throw in some Cream of Mushroom soup from Campbell's with some green beans, throw it in the oven and pop open a can of French's french fried onions when it's baked and you're set! WRONG! We're dairy and gluten free, so we don't have that luxury. I make my cream of mushroom soup from scratch with either soy or coconut milk and sorghum in place of wheat flour.
I fry my own onions with gluten free batter.
And there you have it: Dairy/Gluten free Southern comfort food with a side of corn on the cob!
Here I'm making Mabo Nasu (Eggplant). It has peppers, garlic chives and zucchini as well.
All home grown. I add ground turkey, organic miso, potato starch for making it a thicker sauce and a bit of toasted sesame oil. Yum!
Here's another shot
And finally, on the plate
Afternoon snack of White Guava and strawberry
Corn to munch on
Another stir-fry dish, this one with HG Zucchini, Carrots, Garlic Chives, and ground turkey, seasoned with garlic, gluten free soy-sauce and bit of agave.
Kung Pao Chicken without peanuts (we have peanut allergies). HG Carrots and Zucchini. Farmer's Market Celery and Brown Onion. Organic Chicken breast dice and seasoned with gluten free soy-sauce, rice vinegar, garlic and red pepper flakes. 
Veggie soup in organic home-made chicken broth. HG Collard Greens, HG Carrots, HG Zucchini, FM Red Onion and Celery. Seasoned with organic coriander powder, sea salt and organic pepper.
This is the Shiso Seed Tsukudani in preparation. I season it with a generous amount of soy-sauce and a bit of agave, then sauté until all the liquid evaporates. Let it cool, then store it away in the fridge. It'll keep for at least a year. You eat it as a condiment on rice. yum!
Here is the Shiso seed all finished and ready to put away in the fridge.


Anne said...

Looks AWESOME!!!!!!! Gah.. your blog always makes me sooo hungry!!

I got the package! ty! I am elated!!

BLD in MT said...

I will have to second Anne and say that you have now made me hungry! That always happens with your homegrown meals posts.

Green bean casserole was always a chlildhood favorite and I was so pleased the first time Matt made a dairy-free version for us. But we have never tried to fry our own onions. I am so going to do that next time!!! We've been buying little cans of organic fried onions and homemade would be vastly superior for a variety of reasons. Thanks for the idea!

jackherer pond said...

waw that food looks great all organic too. mmm