Monday, October 31, 2011

Garden Updates: Oct 31, 2011

Here are some front garden photos

I just had to share this GORGEOUS sunset! (taken from our front yard)
WARNING TO FASHION POLICE! YOU WILL SEE ONE OF THE ULTIMATE "No-no"s of fashion rules below! Proceed with caution!
I will "buffer" with a photo of my brother's camera on top of the roof, he has it on a automatic timed setting to get a sequencial shot.

OK, hope there was enough "buffering"!

Before that sunset was taken, my brother (who's a photographer) mumbled,"Awesome sunset", so I rushed out with my camera, not really considering my feet! Don't you just love the socks and sandals combo "LittleFoot"?  Our neighbor's black kitty has 3 extra toes on each of his front paws, hence his name. He's a sweet, friendly kitty. Unfortunately, I'm highly allergic to cats!
the shutter clicking is annoying him, seconds later he takes off!
OK, something pretty to offset the hideous sandal/socks combo!
The ONE & ONLY persimmon on our Fuyu tree
Second crop of Fuji apples
Our trusty Kumamoto Mandarin tree in the front has a good crop. You probably won't see too many pics of them in our Harvest Updates. They get picked and eaten immediately.
Here, you can see my brother's camera on the roof on upper left of the pic too.

Backyard view from our kitchen window. The pineapple sage brings the humming birds.
Titmouse eating something off the Rose of Sharon tree.


BLD in MT said...

Any time I take a photo of a bird eating I think it is a wild success. I don't know why. They just please me. Good work.

Oh, and you are just too darn funny sometimes....

Tracy Wood said...

I was clicking around on blogger, and came across your blog - am now your newest follower. Fear not, I also wear socks with sandals... and why not, I say!! :)