Monday, July 4, 2011

Diseased Tomatoes

Of course, our garden isn't perfect. Especially the new raised beds, the soil there is new and there are still a lot of nutrients missing from it. These tomatoes are suffering from blossom end rot. It's a common disease and the only problem is the lack of calcium in the soil.  I'll grind up some calcium supplements to amend the soil for now. Grinding up egg shells will take too long for the calcium to leach out at this point. Sea shells ground up will work too but it will also take time to leach into the soil. I use Calcium Lactate, it's much more soluble than Calcium Carbonate, and it's better for your own bones too.

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BLD in MT said...

we've had this problem once before as well. At least it is easy enough to identify and treat! Still, sorry the new beds are giving you extra challenges. Ah, new beds....think how great they will be in years to come though!