Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm sorry for my absence!

I've been having computer problems again. My iMac had been turning on and off on it's own for a long time, then it cumulated into a flashing frenzy of ON, OFF, ON, OFF, and white screen, and so forth. So I took it in and they replaced the Logic Board (motherboard). The part cost $1400+ but fortunately, I had purchased AppleCare (insurance) and that has really paid off!  Now, I'm having problems downloading pics from my Canon so please bare with me!

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dave said...

Maybe now would be a perfect time to introduce an open source alternative, Ubuntu OS.

More info about Ubuntu...

- no more viruses
- no paying for software
- no more defragging the hard drive
- easily customizable
- 30,000+ free programs
- no hunting for drivers
- no secret government backdoors
- no need to keep rebooting
- even works great on older systems

I have used Ubuntu only for 5 years now and love it. I can do everything possible with it. If you have an older Power PC chip on an apple it could even work too (needs a special disc). There are 32 bit, 64 bit and mac versions available.

Ubuntu is FREE and always will be. You can download Ubuntu free and burn the ISO image to a disc and try Ubuntu yourself, or order a disc from and they will send you an official disc, free. The disc is a LiveCD, which means you can try the operating system out before installing it on your computer. Its a full OS all on one CD.

Here A couple of vids...