Thursday, March 24, 2011

Garden Updates

Front Yard update! We dug a "trench" on the side of the house we share the lawn with our neighbor. This trench is for 12 Asparagus roots.  Unfortunately, there's a LOT of tree roots in this area, and our neighbor asked us not to chop up the roots of their tree, so we have to work around that.  The round hole in the back left is where the peach sapling is planted. We intend to incorporate that area into this newly dug trench. More food, less lawn!
Here is the trench from the neighbor's sidewalk
This is from our side of the sidewalk, you can see the neighbor's tree with

Fragrant Mandarin blossoms, unfortunately, there are very few bees to pollinate our trees this year.  It's rather worrisome...
Rain...over 5" in one day!
More pics of rain
There's a beeeeeee!
Carrots in the middle bed, in the left bed, there's cilantro and black radish flowering. The right bed(back) has the broad beans and we're preparing the bed for potatoes.
Strawberries are really thriving

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