Saturday, January 29, 2011

Harvest Updates January

So the napa cabbages look and taste more like Bok Choi... I guess our seeds got crossed last year. Below that is Yu Mai Kai Lettuce, some mandarines and strawberries
Snow Peas, yummy in stir fries.
The greens are Romaine Lettuce and Broccoli Greens. The big bowl in the back are the carrots that we battled the nematodes over. I should say the final result, a tie. They got some and we got some.  They're not pretty but will be good for stew.There's a tiny bit of yam in that bowl too, Mom found some while digging this morning while planting some geraniums. She said she's tired of seeing edibles being yanked out as soon as their beautiful. We'll try her way for a little while to appease her. There's more mandarins and a bunch of navel oranges this afternoon
Here's our son munching on one of the better carrots, sweet and crunchy!

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