Friday, October 1, 2010

Garden Updates

Peppers are nearing
the end of production
Bittermelon in pots

Garlic starting to sprout
White Sesame blooming
and setting seed

Strawberries for next spring all in pots

The fig tree has finished this years' production
and the leaves are starting to turn color

VERY late season pumpkins next
to Borage almost ready to flower

Navel Oranges are now bigger than baseballs

Carrot seedlings on the left.
Onion and Garlic Chived on the right.
This is where Cherry Toms
were grown this summer

This Valencia orange was surrounded
by too many plants in it's  root zone
and was infested with bark-boring beetles.

(LOL, I envision Volks Wagon bugs,
barking and being bored)
The Bird of Paradise growing
behind it was finally removed
and planted in the front yard.
This bed had cucumbers,
zucchini, pumpkins and beans.
Most of it was tilled under and
the land is waiting for

the fall plantings of Peas.
Against the back wall, the Sunchokes
are starting to wither
Pink little Cosmos enjoying a
little rain this morning. 

The weather is SOOO bizarre!
Earlier in the week we
had Temps in 110.
Now we have thunderstorms
with scattered showers,
temps in the 70's
Seed starts of Cabbage and Lettuce
This area is where the Asian Pear
Tree stump was.
Tim dug it out and Andrew planted
the Mango tree in place of it and filled
the area back up
Late cucumbers: we're taking
a gamble with the weather
New Zealand Spinach is so hardy

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Mr. H. said...

You have a very beautiful garden and everything is still so very lush and green. I hope the cucumbers produce for you, they look like they are very close.