Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Local farms could be illegal

Does this mean I'm a Criminal? For all of you out there who grow their own food, even if it's just one tomato plant, we are going to be criminals if we let the agri-giants get their way!


pelenaka said...

Janice, I will be ur one phone call just keep in mind that there is a time zone difference. Also make sure u don't have like um gardening shears in ur pocket or unmarket seeds. Never be able to explain away. BTW if I'm picked up before u, Run Janice Run.
Seriously this is real.

dave said...

INCREDIBLE POST!!! I hope people watch it and understand whats being said here. In my thinking, there is no left wing or right wing. It truly is a "them vs. us" scenario.

Call me crazy...
On the days after September 11, 2001 George Bush allowed Bin Laden family members to fly freely to "safety" while the American public was grounded. April 2, 2009 - President Obama bows to the royal Saudi king. US presidents are now puppets who are controlled. But by who? I dont know. Big Business? Follow the money.

Ive been researching this sort of thing for years now and its one of the big reasons I like gardening. To be self sufficient. If something were to happen (a collapse of the country) I can take care of myself and my family. I dont think most people can say that. I can feed my family for months with the fresh produce and homemade canned goods now. And probably take care of some close neighbors too. Dont think a collapse isnt possible here in America either. My wife said most people didnt see the collapse of the Soviet Union coming either.

Bottom line? Get your ducks in a row and follow the boy scout motto... be prepared.


dave said...

The rabbit hole goes pretty deep if you spend the time researching. Here is one example...

- fluorescent lightbulbs -

A 1982 study found that exposure to fluorescent lighting at work was associated with a 2.1 relative risk of malignant melanoma. In those exposed more than 10 years, the risk becomes massive. This was 1982, when fluorescent lighting was still rare.

Whats going on right now? Incandescent light bulbs will be illegal in 2014! And people will be forced into using fluorescent bulbs!

Your body makes vitamin D in response to exposure to sunlight. Vit D has many beneficial effects, but one of the main effects is that it prevents cancer. You can get vitamin D in pill form. In studies where women were given vitamin D, they had a 80% reduced risk of getting cancer.

How do people become deficient in Vitamin D? Keep them out of the sun.

Swedish scientists did a study comparing people who "work in the office", "indoors but not in an office", and "people who work outdoors". The people exposed to sunlight the most had a lower risk than the people not exposed to sunlight. Another study found that melanoma is more common on covered parts of the body than on those exposed to the sun.

Vitamin D deficiency also increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Are you following me on this?? :)

If the government can increase cancer levels, they wont have to worry about meeting an aging population and social security payments. All that is needed is to convince people to stay out of the sun if they want to prevent cancer!

Keep your kids indoors and in front of the television "programming". Before you know it, stupid people will even make campaigns...

Since the GOV cant convince everyone to stay out of the sun, they get people to apply sunscreen that blocks UV-B (which creates vitamin D!),but doesnt block UV-A which causes cancer! Duh!!!

Next there will be government sponsored ads telling us to think of the children. Don't let them play outside, they might start to enjoy the world, and we can't risk that. Keep your children inside at all costs. Let them play FIFA 2010 instead of real soccer. Let them watch Discovery Channel instead of discovering something for themselves. Keep them locked in their neighborhoods. If they get depressed, feed them Prozac. If they have too much energy, it's not because they're not free to roam, it's because they are sick, and their sickness is called ADHD. If people disagree, we will call them conspiracy theorists.

The rabbit hole is wide open and goes deep. Good luck with your research!!!

Mr. H. said...

Thank you for sharing this video, pretty scary stuff.

Anne said...

Yeah.. they have successfully managed to push through legislation in Europe regarding the cleaning/ storing/ trading of seeds. Result is a lot of backyard strains are extremely threatened.

Yet another tactic basically of Monsanto in response to trying to still control the seed market in Europe after they shot down GMO's.

AJK said...

This is truly disturbing, and your comments support the gravity of this. Wow... I'm scared

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