Friday, September 24, 2010

It's been a while...

I apologize for my absence in the blogosphere. It's be a very hectic few weeks since our son started school again.  School schedule reduced my time in the garden to less than 30 a day. I don't have time to jot down our harvest weigh-ins either. We planted papaya seedlings we grew from seed in the front yard. I hope at least on of these plants is a female.
The figs are really at the end of the season now. Alma Paprikas are delicious!
Yes, we're still getting strawberries. Not in huge quantities but, it' a nice addition to our yogurt along with the figs. Our pineapple guavas are somewhat edible too. First Fuji Apple!
Akane apples and everbearing strawberries from the front yard


Mr. H. said...

So that's what color my paprikas are supposed to be.:) Congratulations on your first fuji, it looks like a very nice apple.

Anne said...

Glad everyone is doing well, and I hope your son is having fun at school!

If you have multiple seedlings, you could graft one (I forgot if you have a mature one from which you are getting fruit.) Good luck with the seedlings!

AJK said...

Hi Mr. H! The fuji was DELICIOUS! There was a subtle flavor of cider that I've never had in store-bought or even farmer's market apples. A hint of cinnamon too. It has a very complex flavor. I love it!

Thanks Anne, the papaya seeds were from a crop swap, so no, I don't have a mature tree. There are 3 seedlings to hopefully one will be female!