Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saving Seeds for the next season

Here are some British Wonder Shelling Peas drying for seed saving. I bought a pack of 100. Only about 40 sprouted. (probably due to my fault for seeding them too deep)
But this is about 300 and more to come from the 40 plants. I've more than tripled my initial investment! We ate most of them as snow peas, since fresh greens are less available during winter months when you eat what you grow.
They were delicious in stir-fries.


Dunappy said...

ON the sprouting seeds, did you use a bean innoculant? Peas and beans do much better with an innoculant that helps them grow better. If you didn't use an innoculant this year, you might want to try one next year.

AJK said...

Hi Dunappy, Thanks for the advice! I know I was supposed to, but I didn't because I'm a cheap-scape, and I was thinking with my lazy butt, "I've gotta plant these seeds "NOW", if I wait till I got out to the garden store to buy the innoculant, I'm never gonna get around to this!".

I've read that it does help if there already has been some beans grown in the previous years, since the soil microbes live there from the last crop of beans, I never had any problems with my other beans though...