Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Daily Harvests

Saturday:Baby Carrots that needed to be thinned out to help the others grow big
Sunday: Danvers Half Long Carrots that were sharing a bed with the Red Cipolini Onions
Monday: 1-3/4lb Romaine Lettuce
Tues: Daikon Radishes that couldn't wait....because it started to bolt.
Note to self: always start Brassicas in the fall, around Aug/Sept. January is too late and the plants don't have enough time to grow before the warm weather starts the bolting. (We didn't have the bed ready in time for the right planting this time around, next year we will get it right!)


pdxlisa said...

Uh, I meant to include this:


pdxlisa said...

Hey Janice,

One more thing. My tie-wearing mouse pusher reminded me of this site that might be of interest to you. It's got info on soil problems left by pavement.


AJK said...

Hi Lisa, Thanks for the link! Excellent site! Your "Tie-wearing mouse pusher" is quite resourceful! ;-) Please tell him "thanks!"