Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rain Water Harvesting

It rained a LOT and we tried to save as much of it as we can. We have 8 of these 32 gallon plastic trash cans filled to the brim with rain water. Of course we closed the lids on them to prevent the mosquitos from breeding.

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marisa said...

How did you collect so much? Are they under rain gutters or anything?

AJK said...

Hi Marissa,

We do have rain gutters but, there's section on the roof that has 3 sides coming together into one area, and when it downpours, it's like a canyon! That flow of water is just too much for the gutter to handle and it spills out like a waterfall! So, we just place the plastic cans under it and move the water with the smaller (orange) bucket to the other ones that are emptier. We had more rain that we had cans though sadly. I think if we had about 20 cans, they would have all been full!