Friday, January 8, 2010

Garden Updates: January 08, 2010

In the foreground: bare branches of the fig tree. Small tree with Kumquats almost ripened. Back tree is the Navel Orange tree full of fruit, almost ready!
Front left bed: Romaine and Red Leaf Lettuce. Front middle bed: Hakusai(napa) Cabbages just finished tying to promote the growth of blanched, packed leaves. Back left bed: Red Cipollini Onions with a few sparse Carrots. Back middle bed: British Wonder Shelling Peas and Cilantro
Siberian Kale, grown from saved seed
Potato sprouting from saved starter spuds
Thinning out the Loquat so that each fruit has a chance to fatten up
Banana leaves damaged from the cold/frost
Yes, it's a tomato!
Poor Fig tree, got a large branched pruned off this year as it was obstructing the sunlight to one of the raised beds.


Anonymous said...

Looks good. Our banana plants were also hit by the frost, not to mention the Santa Ana winds. The size of your fig tree gives me hope -- our fig tree gave its first fig this year.

By the way, is the napa cabbage fairly easy to grow -- other than tying to blanch? We grow regular cabbage but would like to try the Napa.


AJK said...

Hi Sandra, thanks for stopping by! The napa cabbage is very easy to grow, same needs as cabbage, but I think it's faster. We tried a green manure method of underplanting hairy vetch this year, and the napa seemed to love it. We allowed the vetch to grow for about a month before we started the napa. Well aged chicken or steer manure should work fine too.