Friday, October 2, 2009

Garden Updates

Today, we harvested the rest of the Carrots, (8 lbs!) We tilled in some compost and I sowed some hairy vetch as green manure for the Cabbage, Nappa(Hakusai) Cabbage and Kale that will be growing there next. Half of another bed is in preparation for a bed of Celery. The bed that grew Tomatoes was planted today with Shelling Peas(British Wonder). Hopefully the weather will keep cooler from now on, or the peas won't like it much! Here's some pix of the garden lately.
my Mom harvesting Sweet Basil
Most of the Garlic have woken up and are growing strong, the lettuce is coming along too, time for thinning.
Baby Zucchinis growing
Another try at Armenian Cucumbers. Hopefully this batch will be healthy and productive. It's a gamble whether the weather will not get too cold for these heat loving plants.

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