Thursday, October 15, 2009

Amazingly large Spider

I wanted to share this pic of a very large spider I found in our Valencia Orange tree after the rain. It was busy trying to fix the damage caused by the wind and rain on it's web. The spider's abdomen itself is 3/4" round! The whole body with legs is about 1-1/2"! That's one of the largest spiders I've seen here in the roaming around this area!


Brandon said...

I'm lovin' all the different kinds of plants you're growing, especially the fruit. It always makes me hungry.
We had a huge spider just like that (same color and everything), that would always build it's web right above my raspberries. I was always afraid I would run into it. So, I was able to catch it in a jar and relocate it to another part in the yard. Happy harvesting.

Illoura said...

OMG, I'm laughing - I took a photo of that very same spider just a month ago or so (I guess the cold weather did it in?) Did yours have spiny bumps on the top of it's rump part? They are so HEAVY. Looking. (Gosh no, I didn't pick it up!)

AJK said...

Hi Illoura, Thanks for stopping by! It's been a while since I've seen this spider so I don't recall if it had spiny bumps now. I wouldn't dare pick it up either! I let it do it's thing in the garden, but give it it's respectful space.

Happy Autum/Winter! :-)