Thursday, January 8, 2009

Winter Harvests

Here's a few of the winter harvests here, I know, we have tomatoes in December! It sounds absurd, but it's the last of them for sure. The frost has gotten to the rest of them and the slugs are having a feast, since I've been a bit too busy packing for our move. There's quite a few green ones left on the vines, but I don't know how to prepare them to eat. We still have some Bok Choi, Shungiku(edible chrysanthemum), broccoli, onions, oranges and chives hanging on. The tangerines are just starting to ripen and the tree is quite loaded with fruit. Can't wait to eat them, their fragrance is amazing!
Over at the new location, AKA my Mom's place, we planted cabbage, broccoli and kale seeds, my Mom decided to plant the potato "seeds" really early, and they have actually sprouted already. We cut down the borer infested persimmon and apricot tree. We are sad to have to do so, but there weren't many other options to treat it organically. We will have to plant a new perismmon tree for sure, as it's one of our favorites. However, because the persimmon tree is gone, we can double the vegetable patch that was already existing. I'll have to map out the "new" garden. My Mom already has a well established garden, and her soil is very dark and rich compared to our compacted clay soil. So we have it pretty easy, but we'll be expanding the vegetable garden by double what we just doubled, once we settle in. I'll keep you posted, and hopefully take some pictures of the "new" garden.


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