Friday, October 10, 2008

Harvest Updates Sept 27th~Oct 8th

Lots of late summer tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchinis

Lots of Nappa Cabbage, more to make Kimchee with!


rachelbess said...

I'm sorry to hear about your job situation now too.. It looks like you're getting lots of food from the garden though! What kind of oranges do you have that are ripe right now? Our varieties are all ripe Jan-April.

AJK said...

Hi Rachel, I believe our variety is Valencia, although I'm not 100% sure because the tree has been here before I moved in. It is an unusual tree, it ripens from July and keeps the fruit juicy up until Winter. My mom has a navel orange that only keeps on the tree from Feb to about April. After that all the juice seemed to get sapped away by the new flowers and baby fruits. Our tree has this years fruit, and last years fruit all at one time and seems to keep the old fruit quite moist. It's an excellent juicing orange, lots of seeds though