Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend work

On Saturday, we went to a local nursery to pick up a dwarf Avocado tree, and two varieties of grape vines. Our old Avocado seems to have gotten a disease that kills of branches all of a sudden. It's declined in production over the last 2~3 years. (It used to be a very productive tree) Even though it flowered profusely, this year we only see 2 fruits! The tree is about 30 feet tall but the leaves are small, and some look dampened off. We are planning on uprooting the tree, and placing a different species of fruit tree there. (does anyone know what this disease might be and how to treat it organically?)

Turned out the compost bin and sifted out the larger materials. Ended up with about 40 gallons of the fine, rich dark soil ready for seedlings!

We baked bread (gluten free) I had Caleb help me measure out the ingredients. I used the no-knead method, and Caleb could hardly wait for the bread to be finished so he could have a bite. (With the store bought gluten-free bread, he's never had this reaction) He says my bread tastes really good. Even Tim, who is not avoiding Gluten said it was good! It makes me happy.


Anonymous said...

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