Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Trees and Shrubs

They won't be here until Spring, but I have purchased a dwarf Mulberry tree, cherry tree, 2 Elderberry trees, 2 Paw Paw trees and a few more strawberry plants. I know have a huge undertaking of digging out the bushes in the front yard and preparing the soil for all the coming plants. This is very exciting, yet daunting. It's serious stuff now! I'll need to bring in a large truckload of compost to amend our hard compacted clay dirt.

I planted lots of seeds this past week, in used plastic cups: broccoli, jicama, okra, zucchini, carrots, radishes, cabbage, borage(flower), violets(edible flower), nasturtiums, soy, shungiku(japanese crysanthemum variety), and hairy vetch(cover crop)

We donated most of the yellow irises and amended the soil there to plant the cabbage once they are larger. The Blueberry bush is happy in it's new bucket and is profusely growing new leaves! Maybe next year it will be happy enough to give us a few berries. Blackberry bush that I've neglected is actually fruiting very well. Our orange tree is just about ready with tons of fruit. If anyone local wants to barter for some oranges, we'd love some of your fresh fruit! The first batch of radishes are just about ready, and the spinach may be ready for picking in a week. I'll have to start some new seeds for that soon!


spelled with a K said...

I just put two pawpaws in this spring, they are somewhat native to my area. Congrats on your tree purchases, I think fruit trees are too often neglected in the home gardening movement. Lets smash that idea.

AJK said...

Thanks "Spelled with a K" My front yard will be a fruit tree forest next spring! Can't wait!