Monday, December 20, 2010

We're drowning in RAIN!

It's been raining, A LOT! It's Monday night and it has been raining since Friday of last week! Still 2 more days of rain to come...Can't believe how much rain is coming down! My plants are starting to be water-logged, the strawberries are rotting before they ripen, the lettuces are starting to grow white mold, the oranges taste watered down.... argghh...


Mr. H. said...

We have been hearing about all of the rain, flooding, and mud slides in your sounds terrible. I hope it lets up soon.

flask said...

janice, i fond you at random and read you regularly although i have been a sparse commenter so you probably have little idea who i am. lately i found myself in hard circumstances (it involved a locked ward and yes, i'm a compliant patient and yes, i'll be ok, and yes, it's a lifelong thing, but kind of hard, you know?) but it's christmas and i wanted you to have this and i know it's a long link but it's excerpts from my christmas album which people seem to like.

so since you've been letting me enjoy your vegetables and such, here's my music and some of my art.

merry christmas.!.html