Friday, August 21, 2009

Garden Updates

We just cleared the Watermelons, Musk Melons and Cucumbers off of this bed, with the exception of the Cucumber plant on the far upper left corner. It's a Japanese Cuke. We're saving that one for seed. This bed got an ammendment of compost and a spraying of glacial rockdust milk. We've seeded it with bulb onions for next year. I spaced the seeds pretty close, about 4 inches apart. Pretty tight, according to the package you are supposed to leave 16" gap between the rows. I ignored that part and made it 4" apart on the rows too.
This area had Cabbages and Kale growing during the winter/spring months. We added lots of raw compost and now we're growing our second batch of Curcurbits: Zuccini, Large Jack-o-lantern pumpkins, Bitter Melon, Watermelon and more Japnese Cucumbers.
Close up on the bitter melons
Morning Glories
White Hibiscus
Orange Gerberas
Basil and Gerbera in our Herb Garden


Katie said...

Have you tasted a bitter melon yet? We just started some from seeds since the first ones were fried...

AJK said...

Hi Katie, yes we have tasted some bitter melon, the result, yes! they're bitter! We haven't eaten them ripened yet though we'll wait until the end of it's season or else they will stop producing more fruit. If you have time, I posted a meal we ate that was made with the bitter melon: