Thursday, May 14, 2009

Garden Updates

Finally finished beds, this year we probably won't be finshing the 6th bed.
Chinese Chives and Green Onions
Kabocha Pumpkins on steroids(tons of almost raw compost, just a few inches below the soil)
Sunchoke foliage
Barely surving Blueberries. I think it needs more acid in the soil. The birds keep stealing the ripend berries too!
The newly transplanted Asian Pear tree is doing well.
Dwarf Cavendish is settling in, in it's new home and finally growing new leaves, and found 4 pups. I took 2 out to let the stronger 2 develop.
Some of the last remaining Loquats


Little Ant said...

Wow, I love all your fruit trees. Super job.

1916home said...

Looks great Janice! Those grow beds are a lot of work to make :)

HermitJim said...

Hey, those beds look terrific! I love the pics of your should be an inspiration to us all!

Well done..!

Rebecca said...

what beautiful beds...looking forward to seeing them fully in bloom:)

AJK said...

Thank you Little Ant, 1916home, HermitJim & Rebecca! I have my handy husband to thank for the completion of all those beds. :-)

Little Ant said...

Janice I have a cavendish banana tree that I've had for several years and it still only looks like yours, no bananas yet. It'll grow pups but I thin those out. Any suggestions?? You look to have quite the green thumb with fruit trees.

AJK said...

Hi Little Ant, I'm new to growing bananas too, this little dwarf Cavendish was actually purchased as a 4" plant from IKEA of all places! lol. It was intended as an indoor deco plant by IKEA, but I have more lofty intentions for it...hehe. I'm just following the tips on here:

My caveat is to do it all organically. Potassium rich soild is what Bananas thrive off of. Compost I have, and manure is fairly cheap to get. I'm not vegetarian, so forgive me if this is upsetting, but I'm thinking of using spent chicken bones as a way to get potassium without going out and buying some. We buy organic chickens for roasting, then boil the bones for stock. After several days of cooking it in the SunOven, the bones are so soft, some of it can be mashed between the fingers.

Little Ant said...

Thanks for the tips Janice. I will look into modifying the soil. I was watching the other day and noticed that my chickens were literally jumping in the air and grabbing the branches with their beaks causing them to shred a little. I may have to put up a little barricade fence to keep them off that tree.