Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Harvest Updates

Hi, long time no post, it's been busy with Birthday party preparations and moving prep going on at once. Here's a few harvest pics, like the large nappa cabbage?


Katie said...

Holy cow! Napa cabbage that big? !!

pelenaka said...

The pic of that Napa cabbage & Mr. Handsome brings to mind that doll craze from the '80's ... Cabbage Patch Kids.
I am very Green with envy right now!

AJK said...

This ended up being the biggest, well, long story short, they were almost all as big, but then fall set in, and the house ended up shading the napa cabbages and weakening them. This invited the slugs and bugs that love to munch on cabbages and the rest of them were mostly decimated... sad... but lesson learned on the seasons!